About Us

Cats, Dogs & Rock ‘N’ Roll® is a rock themed t-shirt apparel co. created for good humored pet lovers.  

With love and laughter, we spark names, and engage concepts with no shortage of inspiration to draw from—The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Monkees to name a few. Fan favorites include “Labbey Rd®, Tabbey Rd©,  Daydream Retriever©, I can’t get no Catisfaction and “C’mon & Rescue Me.

Our naming, graphics, and illustration are all founded in original design. We offer a variety of pet lifestyle t-shirts featuring cats, dogs and a spin of rock ’n’ roll pun-play. Three of life’s great passions come together. Cats, Dogs, and Rock & Roll. 

Sharing smiles and spreading good vibes isn’t rocket science, it’s just rockin’ tail-wagging t-shirt fun.


Meet the Owner 

Cats and dogs steal my heart. Rock and Roll is the deal. I adore a cool t-shirt. 

Cats, Dogs & Rock 'N' Roll came from the desire to offer the good humored pet lover a way to rock the love in a playful way.

There’s nothing basic about a t-shirt. It’s more than just a thrown-on piece of clothing—it’s an expressive way to wear what makes you happy.  

Discovering an original, affordable t-shirt is always great fun, especially when it sparks the "I gotta have this" response—whether it's for me or for someone I know.

So when I cross paths with someone who spots my Labbey Rd. tee and smiles, I grin right back.  It's not rocket science, but it does carry a rockin' good vibe.



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