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Cats, Dogs & Rock 'N' Roll was born to celebrate what we love dearly. Cats, dogs and rock music. Our t-shirt apparel feature songs, lyrics and bands with a furry spin. 

Based in Sausalito, CA, we offer a new breed of original, high-quality tees for those who are crazy about their pets. They are designed in fun with some wordplay, and comfy as they are long-lasting. Customers often say it’s their “go to” t-shirt—the first to wear and last to wash.

What better way to show your enthusiasm for your four-footed buddy than a cool, graphic tee? Cats, Dogs & Rock 'N' Roll is in the business of spreading smiles and getting tails wagging! 

Meet the leader of the pack

Cats and dogs steal my heart. Rock and Roll is the deal. I adore a cool t-shirt. 

Cats, Dogs & Rock 'N' Roll came from the desire to offer the good humored pet lover a way to rock the love in a playful way.

There’s nothing basic about a t-shirt. It’s more than just a thrown-on piece of clothing—it’s an expressive way to wear what makes you happy.  

Discovering an original, affordable t-shirt is always great fun, especially when it sparks the "I gotta have this" response—whether it's for me or for someone I know.

So when I cross paths with someone who spots my Labbey Rd. tee and smiles, I grin right back.  It's not rocket science, but it does carry a rockin' good vibe.



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