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Cats, Dogs & Rock ’N’ Roll T-Shirt Apparel Co. was born with a big bark of an idea, the proverbial Aha!

Our t-shirt creation process is ignited, inspired and sparked by pets, music and words. What encompasses what we do is the essential collaboration with all of these elements 

Cats, Dogs & Rock ‘N’ Roll® was inspired and named by what is as recognizable as can be in rock and roll history, and too obvious to point out. But we will.  “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll”, the punk-rock song, became an iconic life phrase from the 60’s and continues to be a solid classic for a reason.   

There are some things in life that have staying power. The overwhelming, and massive growth in the pet and animal world is immense. The largeness of love and care knows no end. It's a world community that’s here to stay.

Cats, Dogs & Rock ’N’ Roll, in its very essence is more than just a nod to the happy passions of life. Individually or together…cats, dogs and rock and roll will never fade away.

Let’s Keep Pet-Rockin' On!


Our Shirts 

All of our T-shirts feature original designs printed in the USA.  Our T-shirts are made from 100% combed and ring spun cotton for a super soft finished product.  

The designs are printed with Eco-Friendly printing practices using Kornit Water-based and NeoPigment inks that are Oeko-Tex™ certified — meaning they are safe to print and reduce environmental waste. 


Meet the Founder 

Cats and dogs steal my heart. Rock and Roll is the deal. I adore a cool and affordable t-shirt. 

Cats, Dogs & Rock 'N' Roll® came from rock-related, pet-inspired joy by way of observing a black lab casually led on a zebra  crosswalk to the other side of the road.

It cleared the path to discover how much I wanted to make a t-shirt line for good humored pet lovers with a rock and roll heart.  All stemming from passions I believe are highly connected in a universal way.

Since I can remember I have felt there is nothing basic about a t-shirt. It has always been an apparel form not just a thrown-on piece of clothing. Being a baby boomer which you can easily assume by looking at the names and designs of the t-shirts—a tee to me is about expression, design, and what I love.

There’s no specific demographic when it comes to discovering a piece of apparel firing up the 'I gotta have this!' reaction and picturing rocking the Daydream Retriever tee while walking their golden retriever at the park or a beach, doing errands or wearing as a fashion statement t-shirt under a cool jacket.

For pet lovers and rock and rollers, shopping is always a good time. As a gift to buy for a friend, family, client, customer, and so forth—it's a creative way to show you've put thought into finding an original, memorable gift they will probably want to put on pronto!

A customer recently told me he bought one of our shirts, I Want To Hold Your Paw as part of a Valentines Day gift to go along with two tickets he bought for an upcoming show featuring a Beatles tribute band. The combo present was a big success. Clever idea! I know I will be taking that page from his gift giving book.

Another person wrote and said her Labbey Rd. t-shirt is the "first to wear,  and last to wash, it's the most comfortable tee she owns." Understandably, receiving positive reviews never gets old, plus the comments and anecdotes are fun to share with those who are interested in checking us out.

It's rewarding and uplifting all the way around. So, when I cross paths with someone who spots my Tabbey Rd. and smiles, I smile right back. Certainly not rocket science, just proof that wearing a cats, dogs & rock 'n' roll tee carries a rockin’ good vibe. 

Pet it Be! 

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